Maja Wesselhoff marketing manager

Maja Wesselhoff

Marketing Manager

I am the Marketing Manager at Trianglen, and have been employed since March 2020. In addition, I am also Marketing Manager for Aagaard Klinik and Skejby CryoBank in Aarhus, as we are in the same group family; Virtus Health, as the only clinics in Denmark.

I'm responsible for all our campaigns, communication and Social Media.

You meet me at the Clinic, probably with a computer under your arm or with my mobile in hand. In addition, it is me you meet if you participate in our Solo Mothers Network meetings, online webinars, etc.

I am very proud to be part of the Team Triangle, and proud to have as talented and experienced colleagues as I have. One can do nothing but be humble. It is the greatest happiness when I know that the work I have done has helped a couple on the road to pregnancy. It's so big :-)

Before I came to Trianglen, I was the editor-in-chief of Denmark's largest pregnancy site;, and was responsible for the daily operation, technical development etc.
I went to great lengths to convey to future parents about 'The new view of children' as well as give and convey support and advise (primarily) women. I also won the award for DK's best blog site.

You can write to me at if you want to hear more about Solo mothers, collaboration, advertising, etc.

New enquiries
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