Endometriosis is a chronic disease that can be found in 4-7% of all women. Uterus mucosal-like cells are found outside the uterus, mainly in the ovaries, fallopian tube, outside of the uterus and in the abdominal cavity. These cells behave like cells in the endometrium that bleed with each menstrual period.

The bleeding can cause severe pain during menstruation. In addition, cells secrete some substance and form scar tissue, which affects both fallopian tubes function and uterine lining and can make it difficult to become pregnant.

Endometriosis has an unpredictable course. For some women it may worsen over time, for others it remains relatively mild.

If there are very large endometriosis cysts, we advise to have them surgically removed before the initiation of fertility treatment.

Much literature can be found on the Internet about endometriosis, for example, 
The Danish association of endometriosis: endo.dk.
English language here: ivf.com.

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