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Female Examinations

Before the treatment is commenced, we will go through your infertility history and the exams and tests that are necessary in order to select the best treatment for you.

The woman is examined by:

  • A ultrasound scan of the uterus and ovaries. 
  • Blood tests are taken in order to evaluate the levels of hormones that are involved in the menstrual cycle and which may be of importance for evaluating the chance of becoming pregnant. 
  • The function of the thyroid gland is also tested (TSH hormone) because normal thyroid function is very important in women trying to become pregnant. 
  • You must also be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C. 

HSU (Hystero Sonographic Survey)

HSU (Hystero Salpingo Ultrasonography) - also called water scanning - is a study of the passage conditions in the fallopian tubes. If the fallopian tubes may be blocked, we recommend an X-ray exam (HSU) in order to find out if the fallopian tubes are fluid-filled and dilated. If they are, they should be surgically removed before IVF treatment because fluid filled fallopian tubes approximately halves the chance of becoming pregnant by IVF.

To achieve pregnancy in a normal way or by insemination, it requires passage through at least one of the fallopian tubes. Chlamydia and inflammation of the abdomen can cause the fallopian tubes to close.

HSU is performed with a small pair of binoculars that allows you to see the woman's uterus inside. The examination is performed with local anesthesia and is painless. Used in case of suspected fibroids, polyps or adhesions in the uterine cavity.

Blooding sampling

Blood samples for analysis can be taken in one of the many laboratories in the Copenhagen area.

See here for information about addresses and opening hours.

hCG in connection with IVF and ICSI

Blood tests for hCG (pregnancy hormone) in connection with IVF and ICSI can be taken in Trianglen all days between 08:00 and 08:30 a.m. 

Want to know more?

If you want to understand more about female fertility examinations please call us or request a consultation.