Free Fertility Treatment

Insemination (IUI)

Conversation, examinations and insemination treatment are fully covered by the Region if you / you have a referral from your own doctor for fertility assessment or fertility treatment with specialist doctor Dr. Kåre Rygaard.

If there is a male partner, he must also have referral from his own doctor.

There is a personal fee for medicine (with regular reimbursement rules) and for possible use of donor semen.

There is no age criterion for referral to fertility assessment, so the woman can be 40 years of age. However, the legislation prohibits fertility treatment after the woman is 46 years of age

Consultations and tests prior to treatment (IVF / ICSI)

Conversation, investigation and investigations are also fully covered by the Region if there is a referral from their own physician on both parties, or on the woman if there is no male partner. The IVF treatment itself is not covered by the health insurance.

This applies regardless of whether the woman is over or under 40 years of age.