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Trianglen Fertility Clinic was founded in 1993 and now has evolved to one of the largest clinics in Denmark and Scandinavia. We contribute to approx. 500 births each year. We treat patients from Denmark, Scandinavia, UK and the rest of the world.

The clinic started at Østerbrogade, near the triangular square Trianglen, hence the name. In 1998 we moved to Lundevangsvej 12 in Hellerup, northern part of Copenhagen. Today we are located in bright and modern surroundings at Strandvejen 104 A in Hellerup. 

Today as part of Virtus Health, one of the world’s leading fertility groups, we share knowledge and research from around the world to give you the best chance of success. 

The clinic has a unique atmosphere and it is important for us, that you feel comfortable. We warmly welcome you to Trianglen Fertility Clinic. 

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IVF treatment from 3495 €

ICSI Trianglen

IVF, egg donation, single women and lesbian couples.

We offer a range of fertility treatments to help you have a baby


Choosing the right fertility clinic can be a difficult process.

Let us help you make the right decision. 

We cover different languages at the clinic: English, French, German and Scandinavian 

Our staff all speaks fluent English, and some speaks Swedish, French and German - so the language is not a problem.

The Danish culture is very relaxed, inclusive and friendly. We welcome all nationalities, LGBT+ persons and single women.

Painless oocyte (egg) pick-up

It is important for you and for us that the oocyte (egg) pick-up is painless so you will not have to worry about this part of the treatment.

We use nurse anaesthetists to take care of the medication and pain relief during the oocyte pick-up. This has resulted in a very high level of satisfaction with the oocyte pick-up among our patients.

The oocyte pick-up is virtually pain-free because we use a combination of local anaesthetic injection in the top of the vagina and small but frequent intravenous injections of a potent morphine-like medicine.

Easy access

The clinic is very easy to access - if you come from the airport you can take a train directly (app. 20 minutes), or a taxi (app. 30 minutes from the Copenhagen airport).

Lab equipment

Cell culture at ‘low oxygen concentration’ 
The normal conception and the first cell divisions until the blastocyst stage is reached take place in the fallopian tube. In the fallopian tube, the carbon dioxide concentration is higher and the oxygen concentration is lower than in atmospheric air. We seek to imitate these special conditions. Our Miri incubators enable adjustment of the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen surrounding the embryos.

Best equipment available

Trianglen Fertility Clinic always strives to have the best equipment available, and we take pride in an ongoing replacement and optimization of our equipment and procedures according to the highest international standards.

We use the best and most stable media for growing embryos and blastocysts. These media provide stably improved pregnancy outcomes.

Our incubators make it possible to adjust the exact air composition in which the embryos are grown. Here the oxygen concentration can be made low so that it resembles the natural conditions in the woman's fallopian tubes. This seems to be an advantage for the development of the embryos.

Trianglen Fertility Clinic is constantly investing in improved equipment to ensure optimal treatment of our patients.

The latest investment is the safety system, RI Witness, which is a unique technological safety system that ensures even greater security around the identification of patient, eggs, sperm and embryos throughout the IVF treatment. This allows our embryologists and technology to verify identification and match. If the match between eggs and sperm in the laboratory is incorrect, the security system will trigger an alarm.

Inspection Report

Collaboration with fertility speciaists in other countries

Trianglen collaborates with fertility specialists in other countries about IVF/ICSI treatment.

There are two types of collaboration:

​1. The fertility specialist in your country will carry out all testing and examinations and plan the treatment.
You only come to the Trianglen for egg collection and embryo transfer.
In this option, part of the treatment fee is paid directly to the doctor and part of the price is paid to Trianglen.

2. Trianglen does all the examinations and planning of the treatment and carries out all parts of the treatment.
In this option, you pay the full price for the treatment at Trianglen. Ultrasound scans done at the specialist in your country are paid extra and directly to the doctor in your country.

List of Swedish fertility specialists who collaborate with Trianglen

Sarah Nejdet
Södra Torggatan 18, 2 tr,
434 30 Kungsbacka

Johanna Schmidt
Vasagatan 46
411 37 Göteborg

You can hear more about payment by contacting the Swedish doctors we work with from our secretaries.

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