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Welcome to the Trianglen Blog!

Blog post fro Linda - her thoughts about how you hope for the all best.

It is a new year - and a new start for Svetlana, who is being treated at Trianglen as a self-chosen single mother.

Alone in treatment: Singlemom

My name is Svetlana, I am 40 yeras old and single - and in fertility treatment.

Why did I become an egg donor?

Here you can read Sanne's story about why she chose to become an egg donor.

Meet Linda, who will start a fertility treatment at Trianglen

You can follow Linda real close in her upcoming fertility treatment right here.

How am I afftected right now?

Hormons, thoughts and a deep wish to become a mother. It's some kind of cocktail!

Når man åbner op omkring sin fertilitetsbehandling

Hvordan er det at være åben omkring at være i fertilitetsbehandling?

Dette har Linda givet et fint bud på.

Hvad jeg ville ønske, jeg kunne fortælle min modtager

Hvis man nu kunne give sin modtager (recipient) et brev, er dette hvad Sanne, Trianglens ægdonorambassadør, ville skrive.