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    Established in 1993, we are one of the oldest fertility clinics in Denmark. Each year we help create over 500 babies in Scandinavia.

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    At your first consultation we will find the best and most efficient fertility treatment for you and your partner

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    We are proud of our results and are happy to publish them.

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We offer a range of fertility treatments to help you have a baby

Get advice from some of Denmark’s leading fertility specialists

We are proud of our results and are happy to publish them

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IVF/ICSI treatment does not close in the summer

We close for insemination treatment for some weeks during the summer holiday. That means that you cannot start IUI treatment from menstrual bleeding starting from June 23rd to August 3rd 2019. We make an exception for women with very long or no menstrual cycle. Please contact us if this may apply to you.

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Remember with a Danish public health insurance card you are entitled to:

  • Consultation and Examinations free of charge
  • Insemination free of charge – except donor sperm

This applies if you are childless or have no children with your current partner, and regardless of your age, if you are under 46 years.