Before the treatment is commenced, we will go through your infertility history and the exams and tests that are necessary in order to select the best treatment for you. Many of the tests such as hormone assays, test for HIV and hepatitis, sperm analysis, X-ray (HSG) et cetera may have been performed already before you contact us. If not we will make a plan for having the necessary work-up done. 

Here is a list in Danish you can print out and bring to the doctor (examinations before fertility treatment).

If you have not had the examinations done before the first consultation with us, Trianglen can perform the necessary tests in less than 3 weeks.

You may have had fertility treatment before. If this is the case, we would like to have all available information about the treatment so we can consider it when advising you about treatment in our clinic.

mother holding baby

Find out more about tests and examinations for female fertility.

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Find out more about tests and examinations for male fertility.