Secure email server

For confidentiality reasons and because we handle all personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all email correspondence containing personal data must take place over our secure mail server

Below please find links to secretaries, laboratory, nurses, doctors etc

When you use the links below you will be directed to our secure email server. The 'Subject' field on the secure email server contains information about who you are writing to. Please do not erase this information. You may add information about the subject in the 'Subject' field.

Please use the links below to send Secure email to:
Trianglen Secretaries
Trianglen Administration
Trianglen Laboratory
Trianglen - Laboratory Follow-up (use this to send messages about continued storage of frozen embryos, sperm and oocytes / eggs)
Trianglen Nurses
Trianglen Oocyte donation team
Trianglen - Dr. Kåre Rygaard, Fertility Specialist, Head of Clinic
Trianglen - Dr. Jens Ingemanssen, Fertility Specialist
Trianglen - Dr. Bettina Breitowicz, Fertility Specialist
Trianglen - Dr. Marie Krabbe-Sørensen, Fertility Specialist
Trianglen - Dr. Christina Norrbom, Fertility Specialist