Egg retrieval without pain

Painless oocyte (egg) pick-up

It is important for you and for us that the egg retrieval is painless so you will not have to worry about this part of the treatment.

We use nurse anaesthetists to take care of the medication and pain relief during the egg (oocyte) retrieval . This has resulted in a very high level of satisfaction with the oocyte pick-up among our patients.

The oocyte pick-up is virtually pain-free because we use a combination of local anaesthetic injection in the top of the vagina and small but frequent intravenous injections of a potent morphine-like medicine.

During the oocyte pick-up, the oocytes are picked up from the follicles. The oocytes are transferred directly to the lab where they will be fertilised and cultured.

After the oocyte pick-up you rest in the clinic for about one hour before you can go home.