Ordering donor sperm 

If you are going to use donor sperm for treatment, the sperm should be ordered from one of the certified sperm banks, and the donor sperm should be transferred to us. We can store the frozen sperm samples in liquid nitrogen until they are used for treatment.

You can find the desired information about the donors on the sperm bank’s websites. 

In Denmark, there are two major sperm banks:

European Sperm Bank. We collaborate with European Sperm Bank so you can access their donor register without having to pay. Use the following link to access the page: http://clinics.europeanspermbank.com/trianglen 
All sperm straws from European Sperm Bank are MOT20 or better and thus meet Trianglen’s recommendations for quality. You can find more information about ordering donor sperm here.

Cryos. We collaborate with Cryos. Please note that we recommend that you order MOT20 or better when ordering from Cryos. MOT10 and MOT5 straws are not recommended. You can find more information about ordering donor sperm here.

Please note that The Danish Health and Medicines Authority and the sperm banks use different definitions of ’anonymous’.

Selection of donor sperm

As described, there is a choice of several different types of sperm donor ("Anonymous", "Extended Profile", "Open" and "Private"). Depending on the type of donor, you can choose basic information such as eye color, hair color, height, weight or more comprehensive information, for example, children photos, voice sample, etc.

Sperm banks offer a choice of different donor types and associated options for the donor. We recommend that you use sperm banks to find a donor who matches your wishes. When you have found a suitable donor, you get semen straws transferred to us. We can then keep the straw at minus 196 ° C until they are used in your treatment.