29 June 2020

I am Linda - I am going to fertility treatment

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Hi - here I am

My name is Linda, and I am 34 years old. I am gifted with my husband Kim and we have together our dog Nala and our son Oliver, our little miracle, of 3 years.

I write with our son and a miracle (we endured fertility treatment to become pregnant). It took us a little over 4 years where we went through 3 inseminations and 5 test tubes (mixed IVF and ICSI and short and long protocols) before we succeeded. The 5th trial, which was the first in a private clinic, the Fertility Clinic Trianglen, was the gang of happiness.

By the time we got here, I was actually ready to give up. Give up on myself anyway. My egg reserve is pretty low and I was really used to, so I was ready for egg donor. The doctors here at the Triangle were more positive, and it gave me new energy. So with a diary from the public, read on the Triangle and an idea of ​​what was going to happen and what wasn't going to happen, so we joined the gang. And succeeded :-)

Why Trianglen Fertility Clinic

We chose the Fertility Clinic Trianglen, as it was the clinic we had only heard of. We were incredibly happy to be in the care of her, we see ourselves heard and set, something gave us and incredible security. The whole process went very smoothly, ended what we otherwise tried, there was much more flexibility to her, something only gave me rest, also in relation to work, as I could often put my speech in the clinic outside of my working hours.

When we hear someone about to start treatment, we always recommend Trianglen - and why there is no TV to ourselves when we found out we need to treat again - even if it should be on the Triangle. We started from the year turned into inseminations, only really were against the doctor's recommendations, men it was, we were ready for it at the time. The doctor got it right - and it did not succeed, so now we are there where we are going to and with the ICSI - exactly the same course that we went through 4 years ago.

Since we were last running and coming the other way, I've been thinking about how I can use my own experience to help others in the same situation. I was lucky one of my closest girlfriends was in the same situation, so we used each other incredibly much, and I don't actually have where I played if I hadn't had her. And there are probably a lot of people out there who do not need, and may not want to tell with friends / family who are not 100%. Or who might just want to keep that part of one's life completely private - which is perfectly OK.

That is why I am delighted with the cooperation I have made with Trianglen. I am going to follow my and my husband's forest ICSI treatment - and I will love to convey and use my experience that hopefully can actually help others in my / our situation, and maybe I can use my course on how to do it, and how tanker / transmitter man can have along the way.

I really hope I will follow - and not least, hope I can help a lot of you out there, if nothing else, so as to feel I am not alone in standing in this situation. And hopefully it can also help break the silence and the taboo, which is unfortunately about being in fertility treatment and involuntary childlessness.

The most affectionate greetings


The blog post was written by Linda.
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