Tina Teglgaard fertilitetsterapeut

Fertility therapist

Fertility treatment can affect several areas of your life and your mind.
Tina Teglgaard is a trained Psychotherapist MPF, and specializes in helping and supporting involuntarily childless women and couples. We have collaborated with Tina for several years, and she herself has been in fertility treatment at Trianglen.

I myself have gone the way in my long and personal battle against involuntary infertility and therefore know the emotions that come with and can be difficult to deal with - often in connection with the relationship, close relationships and the workplace.
Therefore, I meet my clients at eye level and combine my own experiences with a theoretical and methodological insight. Together we will create a safe space, and I will help you find effective tools so that you can have more freedom and profit to cope with the fight against involuntary childlessness. "

When you buy an IVF treatment at the Fertility Clinic Triangle, you also get a 25-minute conversation with our Fertility Therapist Tina Teglgaard. 

Tina can help you with support and with finding effective tools so that you can have more freedom, and to have more profit to take care of yourself in fertility treatment.

We work with Tina, as she has worked as a fertility therapist for 10 years, and has more than a thousand completed therapy conversations. We know how happy our patients are to have Tina on the sidelines on the personal path towards the desired child.
Conversations can take place in her clinic, online or by telephone. 

Book an appointment in Tina's clinic here.

Book an appointment with Tina online/by phone here
As a patient at Trianglen, you can participate for the first time for free in Tina's network meetings, which are held on Sundays. Here you can meet like-minded people and feel that you are not alone. Here you need the code: the patient triangle when booking on her website.
In addition, Tina also offers online yoga classes.

Tilbud til Trianglens patienter: Gratis Netværksmøde

Ny dato kommer...

Sted: Hamborg Pl. 8, 2150, Nordhavn

NB. Disse møder er ikke afholdt i Trianglens regi. De afholdes eksternt.

Første netværksmøde er gratis for patienter hos Fertilitetsklinikken Trianglen, og derefter 150,- kr. pr. møde.

Mød ligesindede og mærk, at du ikke er alene.


Vi deles op i følgende 5 grupper, så du derved sikrer dig at være samme med andre, der matcher dit behov for netværk:

  • Netværksmøde for kvinder, der er ufrivillige barnløse
  • Netværksmøde for mænd, der er ufrivillige barnløse
  • Netværksmøde for solo kvinder, der får hjælp via fertilitetsbehandling
  • Netværksmøde for kvinder, der er i fertilitetsbehandling for et barn mere
  • Netværksmøde for par, der er ufrivillige barnløse

I vores grupper, starter vi med en runde, hvor alle har taletid, og vi andre blot lytter. Til slut har vi en åben dialog og taler videre ind i dagens tema.

Du skal ikke forberede noget, og du skal ikke præstere noget. Du skal bare have tillid til, at du får lyst til at dele nogle af dine udfordringer med andre, der står i samme situation som dig.

Fortroligt: Alle i grupperne har tavshedspligt